Bioaron D 800

Vitamins for infants, children, and youth Healthy development and immunity of children and youth, physical activity and learning Bioaron® D 800 dietary supplement The product and its ingredients have not been produced using the ecological method. Recommendations Bioaron® vitamin D 800 IU is intended for use all year round for people who are unable to…

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Bioaron D 1000

Bioaron® vitamin D 1000 IU is a source of vitamin D intended for daily use during the autumn/winter period and throughout the year for persons who cannot ensure sufficient exposure to sunlight in order for them to maintain the proper concentration of vitamin D. The preparation supplements the daily diet of children above 10 years of age, particularly during the growth spurt, as well as adults.

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Bioaron Junior

Dietary supplement Bioaron® Junior contains high quality, purified fish oil, derived from marine fish, rich in EPA and DHA acids, i.e. sardines, anchovies and mackerel.

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