Diabetovit Phytopharm

Digestive disorders, gastric disorders


dietary supplement



The product ingredients help to maintain the proper blood sugar level and support the proper function of the digestive tract.
Diabetovit Phytopharm contains plant ingredients:

  • fenugreek, which contributes to maintaining the proper blood sugar and glucose metabolism,
  • dandelion, which supports the proper function of the stomach and liver,
  • mint, for proper digestive processes,
  • nettle, bean, and sage.


Fenugreek seeds, common nettle leaf, common bean pod, common dandelion root, peppermint leaf, common sage leaf.
Ingredients Two bags
(250 ml of infusion)
(single portion)
Four bags
(500 ml of infusion)
(daily portion)
Fenugreek seeds 1.5 g 3 g
Common nettle leaf 0.96 g 1.92 g
Common bean pod 0.8 g 1.6 g
Common dandelion root 0.4 g 0.8 g
Peppermint leaf 0.2 g 0.4 g
Common sage leaf 0.12 g 0.24 g


20 infusion bags; (2 g each)
Net weight: 40 g

Recommended portion

How many?

How many?torebkaalways a fresh infusion
Pour 250 ml (a glass) of boiling water over 2 bags, cover, and leave for 15 min.
When?drink 2 times a day

Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the preparation. Do not take more than the Recommended Daily Intake. Do not use the preparation as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for the proper function of the body.

Storage conditions

Store in a temperature below 25°C (or room temp.) and keep out of reach of small children.


Phytopharm Klęka S.A., Klęka 1, 63-040 Nowe Miasto nad Wartą
Country of Origin: Czech Republic


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