Dentosept PEN ulga w bólu

Inflammation of oral cavity and pharynx

Dentosept® PEN
ulga w bólu

medical device

Dentosept PEN packaging

Aphthae and mouth lesions can be a cause of an all day long pain. The medical device Dentosept® PEN ulga w bólu is a modern and clinically tested formula that brings an instant pain relief. The specific applicator allows for an easy and precise application of the product. Dentosept® PEN ulga w bólu contains a polimer, that creates a thin and unnoticeable protective layer, which in turn isolates wounds and lesions from food, saliva or acidic drinks. Injuries resulting from poorly fitted denture sorbraces can also be treated in this manner.

Indications of use

A unique, painless treatment of ulcers and lesions (including aphthae) of the oral mucosa:

  • instant pain relief
  • buick healing
  • works from the very first use
  • isolation of wounds and lesions from irritants
  • long-lasting pain relief*
  • clinically tested

*Protection for up to 3 hours, confirmed by in vitro study


Water, natural and synthetic polimers, adhesive polysaccharides from Larch, Laureth-9, preservatives, flavourings.


oral gel
Pen; 3.3 ml


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
Suitable for use only in the mouth.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.
If the symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
Do not exceed the maximum dose or the treatment period of more than 14 days.
Do not use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Directions for use


Who?Children aged 2-12 Children aged 2-12
When?up to 3 times a day
until the symptoms subside

Who?Children over 12 years of age and adultsChildren over 12 years of age and adults
When?3-10 times a day
until the symptoms subside

The medical device Dentosept® PEN ulga w bólu can be used by adults and children over 2 years of age.

Before first use, rotate the applicator until all air has been pushed out and the product appears. The applicator contains 60 guaranteed doses. Rotate the base of the applicator twice for the right amount of gel to coat the lesion. Not touching the lesion for a couple of minutes after application allows the protective layer to adhere. By adhering to the oral mucosa and tongue, the gel may cause a slight tingling or numbness. This feeling is perfectly safe and disappears after a while. After use, the applicator should be thoroughly rinsed and dried, than closed. Drying the surface of the lesion before applying the gel promotes its adherence.


Store between 5 and 25°C and protect from sunlight.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.


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This is a medical device. Use it according to the instructions for use or the label.



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