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Octedin Max Plus

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Octedin Max Plus


Octedin MAX PLUS is a product for hygienic hand disinfection, demonstrating virucidal (including coronavirus), bactericidal and fungicidal effects. It is intended for regular use at home, during travel, in public places, in health care facilities, etc.

While using Octedin MAX PLUS safety measures should be followed. Before each use, read the label and product information.


Hand hygiene is a basic measure to limit the spread of infections. According to WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care “transmission of health care-associated pathogens takes place through direct and indirect contact, droplets, air and a common vehicle,” therefore, the WHO recommendation is to “use an alcohol-based handrub as the preferred means for routine hand antisepsis (…) if hands are not visibly soiled. If alcohol-based handrub is not obtainable, wash hands with soap and water (IB).”

Analogically, these principles can be implemented in our social life, at our homes or in public places. Wherever surfaces are jointly used, or body contact occurs, pathogens can be transmitted.


Numerous published studies describe the bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity of ethanol and products containing ethanol.

A multitude of studies have confirmed that 60-70% ethyl alcohol reduces the bacterial count on health-care employees’ hands much better than just washing hands with plain soap and water [Dineen P. et al.,1965; Ayliffe G., et al.,1978].

It has been demonstrated that ethanol is effective against various types of enveloped and non-enveloped RNA and DNA viruses.
Ethanol at concentrations 62-71% shows effective virucidal action against human coronaviruses SARS, MERS and HCoV after 1 minute exposure. Experts claim that these ethanol concentrations are also effective against SARS-CoV-2 [Kampf G. et al. 2020].

Glycerol (glycerine)

Glycerol (glycerine) is a widely used humectant. It is used to protect the skin against irritating agents and it also facilitates the regeneration of irritated skin [Atrux-Tallau N. et al.,2010].
The addition of glycerol to alcohol reduces skin dryness [Dineen P et al., 1965; Ojajarvi J.et al., 1977; Ayliffe G. et al., 1978].


Octedin MAX PLUS contains 70g of ethanol in 100g of the product (i.e. 70% w/w).
The product complies with the guidelines of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommend using alcohol-based disinfectants containing more than 60% of ethanol as a preferred form of hand hygiene in health-care facilities.

In addition, due to the known skin-drying effects of ethanol, the formulation contains glycerine as a protective agent that moisturises the skin and prevents skin irritation (e.g. redness, dryness), which is a typical side effect when using hand disinfectants. These symptoms usually subside spontaneously after approximately 8-10 days. Nevertheless, the aim of adding glycerine is to relieve or prevent these side effects.


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Active substance: ethanol 70g/100g
Excipient: glycerine


Liquid Spray; 30 ml
Liquid; 100 ml


For external use only. Do not swallow! Do not inhale vapours!

Spray 30 ml:

Ready-to-use solution. Use undiluted on clean and dry hands.
HYGENIC DISINFECTION: Spray your hands thoroughly over their entire surface to make them wet with the liquid (approx. 3 ml) and rub it into the skin for at least 30 seconds. Let the hands dry completely.

Liquid 100 ml:

Ready-to-use solution. Use undiluted on clean and dry hands.
HYGENIC DISINFECTION: Apply the liquid (3/4 of the nut, i.e. approx. 3 ml) to the entire hand surface and rub it thoroughly into the skin of your hands for at least 30 seconds. Let the hands dry completely.

Storage conditions

Keep away from children, frost, high temperature and sunlight. Keep the container tightly closed and at room temperature in the original packaging. Shelf life: 36 months.


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